We support you

 in cultivating those feelings of connectedness and open-heartedness in your daily life.

For those who use, or are interested in using, or are interested in being interested in using psychedelics as part of their self-growth journey,  our global and referral-only community provides support from preparation to life-long integration so that you can find more fun, freedom, and connection in your life.

As humans, we are always seeking ways to shift our consciousness. Alcohol, yoga, making music…these all alter the firing of neurons and chemicals released in our brains.  And while psychedelics still have a lot of stigma in many countries, the truth is, they likely have been a central tool for humans since the beginning of our species.

Decades of scientific research demonstrates what many indigenous communities have known for thousands of years – these tools really work..so long as you have the proper support. 

That’s why we are here. While in 2013 there were over 30 million psychedelic users in the U.S alone (which means there are likely way more now – we need more data!), oftentimes the focus is on the psychedelic experience alone. Experienced psychedelic users know that:

The psychedelic experience is only as good as it informs your daily life and state of being beyond the experience itself.  

And the support of a community of people who “get it” is essential in that process.

Our community exists to help you navigate your life with the fresh perspectives you have gained from your psychedelic experiences, build deep relationships, collaborate professionally, bring your visions and ideas to reality, and heck, just have some fun!

We are so glad you found us.  We can’t wait to meet you. 

We are in a community integration period.

Membership will re-open in January 2022!

Our Values

This community is built on the teachings of plant medicines:

Yellow Coral

Connected Consciousness but Individualized Process

We are all interconnected.  We each have a responsibility for our actions as they affect the whole ecosystem.  We promise to do everything we can to keep our platform as generative and safe as possible.  Part of this responsibility is recognizing that each individual has their own unique self-growth journey.  So we meet people where they are, avoid prescriptive advice, and support people in learning what is true for them.



Humans have likely been using substances to shift consciousness since the beginning of our species. We have great respect for them as our guides. Other humans are awesome and provide necessary support, but we believe in letting the medicines, and our selves, be our greatest teachers.


Making stuff helps transmute trauma.  We also believe it is the key to hope for the future state of our people and planet. We are all creators – whether a business, art project, life transition, another human…we are all creating things every day! We are committed to supporting our community members’ creative spark – emotionally, financially…however we can help!



HECK YES. This work can be tough. We believe in finding the playfulness in the process. It’s easy to get caught in our own stories.  Finding the fun is a great reprieve from the voices in our heads.  There are plenty of tough times in our lives, so it’s important to  savor the good stuff.  Plus, it feels amazingggg! 🙂

The question we always get asked...
How will Empathic Health make money?

Making money is not one of our goals. In fact, a clause in Empathic Health, LLC’s Operating Agreement prohibits any profit being taken for the entire existence of the agreement.

Empathic Health has BIG aspirations. We understand money is needed on the path to these goals, and the strategy below outlines what we believe will be the most equitable way forward. 

  • Beta (June-December 2021): Community membership is free for everyone! We have tons of different events and offerings to discover what provides the most value to members on their personal growth journeys. During this time, we are holding town halls, gathering member input on the roadmap to Empathic Health’s future.
  • Scaling (January 2022-June 2022): A modest member investment fee will be introduced. This comes with 3 major points:
    • No Questions Asked Scholarship: Anyone that can’t afford the membership fee can let us know, and we will waive the fee. You don’t need to give us a reason.
    • Transparent Pricing: Everyone will get an annual itemized breakdown showing where in the community their dollars were spent.
    • No Profit Taking: Any money that is leftover, after covering community expenses, will be either A) reinvested in the community in a manner determined by community members, B) donated to NFP organizations or C) both!
  • Growth (June 2022- ): To infinity and beyond!

We are in a community integration period.

Membership will re-open in January 2022!