Q: What are the benefits of being an Empathic.Health Member?

  • Connect, grow, and bond with like-minded people, who get it
  • Ongoing in-person local events and digital sessions
  • Member-only funding grants to make your creations a reality
  • A network to grow personal friendships, business partnerships, and other meaningful relationships that support all aspects of growth and well-being
  • Educational resources and tools to help you on your journey
  • Access to annual member retreat
  • Additional surprises… 

Q; How do I use this app?

Great question! Check out the Getting Started section, which can be found under “Community Info” in the main navigation menu.

Q: How do I best ensure I don’t miss anything going on?

We highly recommend you turn on your notifications. We use them quite sparingly but anything you gotta know, we’ll share there. 

If you DID NOT turn on your notifications upon sign up, here’s how you can turn them on now:








If you DID turn them on upon sign up, or, you want to control what types of notifications your receive, you can do so here:

Q: Is it legal to talk about doing psychedelics? 

Short answer; It is completely legal to discuss past experiences, integration practices, and questions about psychedelics, as long as those questions are not promoting, involving or facilitating an illegal transaction of a controlled substance. Please refer to our Community Guidelines to learn more. 

Q: Well now I obviously want to invite my friends. How??

So glad you asked. Select the “hamburger” menu on the bottom right of your screen. You will see an option to “Invite a new member!” at the bottom.  Provide their name and email and we’ll handle the rest!

Member invites are tracked for both accountability and reward purposes. Let’s keep the quality of our community high to ensure a safe and supportive environment. 

Q: What are the Community Guidelines?

The shared moral code that keeps our community’s core values at the center of all we do. It is of the utmost importance we all abide by these guidelines, and work together to evolve and grow our community.

Q: Who runs Empathic.Health?

The community is run by a dedicated team of members who work to incorporate feedback to help nurture and improve the Empathic.Health experience.  If you want to learn more about our valued community members who put in extra time and effort to build this vibrant space, check out the profiles of community members that have the “E.H Team” badge next to their names. Want to join the team? Email us!

Q: How can I contact the Empathic.Health team?

Email us. Easy as that.

Q: How is Empathic.Health free?

Empathic.Health is currently self-funded and free to all members as the organization continues to grow and learn the best way to serve each individual, the community, and the planet. Eventually we plan to collect a membership stipend. However, we will never let money be the reason anyone is denied access to the Empathic.Health Community.

Q: Are you using my data? If so, how?

We will never sell your information. Whether that ever changes will be a community-made decision. Please refer to our community guidelines for more information.

Empathic.Health’s Community Managers utilize information from your participation in the community to:

  • Connect you to people we think would be mutually beneficial
  • Invite you to events we think you would enjoy
  • Create cool features like the Mycelial Map 
  • Other cool new features will be added in the future based on member feedback!

Q: Are the events and retreats available to non-members?

Not unless explicitly stated. Some events that make sense to open to the general public may be made available for non-members. Retreats are always member-only.

Q: Can Empathic Health sell me, or help me find, psychedelics? 

Nice try! If you are asking this, it means you haven’t read the Community Guidelines, or are not taking it seriously. 

Check out our Navigation Tools section to learn about what legal options are available around the Earth.

Got a Q that isn’t here? Email us.