Community Guidelines


  • Participate. Ask questions, offer your perspectives, share what you’re working on, suggest meet-ups or events. Your individual contributions are the bedrock for this community’s health and longevity.

  • Connect.  This is a place to create new relationships! However, be mindful of your actions. Our community is a place for people to feel comfortable being vulnerable, and it is our mission to keep it that way.

  • Support. We are here to help each other learn more about the intentional use of psychedelics and support each other in our journeys. Extending positivity and gratitude are great ways to show support to another member of our community. 

  • Lean into curiosity before judgement. If you feel judgement arise, or if you are feeling triggered, ask yourself why. Is it them, or are they reflecting back to you a place in yourself where some healing and care is needed? Are you bringing cultural awareness to the situation? Of course, there are situations in which the other person is simply being harmful and/or breaching your sense of personal safety.  Which leads us to our next bullet point… 

  • Alert E.H if you are feeling unsafe.  If anything feels wrong, is a violation of these guidelines, or a breach of our Terms of Use, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Enjoy! This community’s purpose is to enrich the lives of its members, and if it is not accomplishing that for you, please let us know. (LINK)


  • Illegal activity. Attempting, facilitating, or even hinting at a transaction involving a controlled substance is prohibited.
  • Advice. Please do not provide medical or legal advice on the platform. Nor is the platform intended to provide any medical or legal advice. As such, do not interpret any information in the Empathic.Health ecosystem as medical or legal advice. 
  • Confidentiality. Do not share any information/content/materials from inside the community to an outside party without the consent of all involved community members. Do not provide or ask for personal identifying information and/or medical information. 
  • Behavior. Within the community, the following will not be tolerated:
  • Trolling

  • Spam

  • Judgement

  • Hostility

  • Misinformation

  • Hateful comments of any kind

  • Harassment or privacy violations
  • Anything else that violates our Terms of Use


How We Protect the Community

Every situation is different, but here are the steps we take if we receive a report, or notice behavior that does not fall within our guidelines:

  • Step 1: A conversation: Community managers will address the situation with each party involved and review how the violation goes against our community terms. 
  • Step 2 (if behavior reoccurs):  Account suspension. Length of time will be determined by the Community Values Committee (CVC), which consists of 3 anonymous volunteer community members, who will determine the appropriate next steps. Decisions made by the committee will be honored by all community members.


So What’s Okay to Talk About?

Here is the distinction between illegal and legal content with respect to psychedelics:

Generally, the Controlled Substances Act prohibits a person from making a public statement knowing that it has the purpose of seeking or offering to receive, buy, or distribute a Schedule I controlled substance. However, this prohibition does not include materials that advocate the use of a similar material, which advocates a position or practice, and does not attempt to propose or facilitate an actual transaction in a Schedule I controlled substance. 21 U.S.C. §843(c).

In other words, it is completely legal to discuss past experiences, integration practices, and questions about psychedelics, as long as those questions are not promoting, involving or facilitating an illegal transaction of a controlled substance.

Schedule I controlled substances include, but are not limited to:

  • DMT (an active ingredient in ayahuasca)

  • LSD (“acid”)

  • Psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”)

  • Ibogaine

  • 5-Meo-DMT

  • Mescaline

  • MDMA (“molly” or “ecstasy”)

  • Cannabis

Specific mushroom growing and cultivation content guidelines can be found here.


Nature Saturdays (optional) Every Saturday from 12am-11:59pm PST,  the community is softly “closed” or paused (in our minds, not actually).  Our hope is to encourage members to take some time away from technology and go spend that time with nature instead. You are still welcome to post as normal, but some of us may be slower to respond!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about these guidelines please email

Thank you for doing your part to make this community safe, supportive, and inclusive!