To our present and future
community members:

Empathic health has the ability to help so many, and I have endless gratitude for the opportunity to work with you all to build it.

It feels like just yesterday I was contemplating my first experience with psilocybin, and the pains of trying to find the information I needed to feel comfortable taking that step remain vivid in my mind. Plant medicine has helped me turn my life into one I am happy to be living every day (okay…most days), and I hope to pay that forward by creating a place where people feel comfortable deciding if these medicines can help them too.

It’s unlikely that one person will have all the answers you need. But here’s the cool thing about being part of a community – you’re likely always covered.   The first person you meet might not have what you’re looking for, but their friend might have something helpful for you! Or maybe it’s that person’s friend that really connects with you and becomes an important part of your life.  And then you’ve forgotten why you even joined the community and BOOM — that person’s friend has just the info you were looking for. 

A passionate group of genuinely kind individuals learning and growing together, who are bringing in other genuinely kind individuals to join the learning and the growing? That is the community I want to be a part of. That is Empathic Health.

If this sounds like your thing, I encourage you to join the community, because we’d love to have you. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, no worries, we’ll be here when you are ready. 

Need something? We’re here for you. Please reach out any time. 

With love,

Doug Finkelstein
Your Community Manager

Special Thanks

Plant Medicine Law Group (Legal)

The amazing lawyers helping us make sure we are a law-abiding community.

Osmind (Clinical Software)

Osmind serves mental health practitioners and researchers working with innovative modalities such as FDA-approved psychedelic medicines, neuromodulation, and more. Their Electronic Health Record software is the leading software of its kind, serving hundreds of practices in nearly 40 states.

Fireside Project (Support Hotline)

The first psychedelic peer support line!
Whether you're tripping or need help processing a trip, call 62-FIRESIDE.

Doug's Mom (All Things)

Thank you for supporting me in doing what I feel called to do, even if you have your reservations.

Heroic Hearts Project (Veteran Non-Profit)

Powerhouse non-profit connecting military veterans struggling with mental trauma to psychedelic therapy options.

Psilohealth (Psilocybin Advocacy)

Psychedelic education, legislation, and integration all in one place? Sign us up.

Plant Media Project (Media)

Working in plant medicine? Have marketing or PR needs? Elizabeth and Gina are your answer!

Trip Sitters (Community & Education)

Support for decision making around psychedelics, empowering you to make informed decisions.

(Exclusive Member Discounts)

Forij (Granola)

Breakfast with benefits -- delicious mushroom granola. Pro tip: Try it in an acai bowl.

Microdose (Educational Course)

Discover the critical harm reduction methods & safety protocols for psychedelics usage in the modern-day in Microdose's online course, The Science Of Psychedelics.

Green Touch Moss (Art)

Forever nature in your home. Real moss art with no maintenance required that captures serenity and relaxation.

Inward Breathwork (Guided Courses)

Reduce stress and anxiety from home with science-backed guided breathing exercises. Boost your mood in just one session.

Kif Water Kefir (Fizzy Fermented Tonics)

The love-child of water kefir and organic, cold-pressed juices. It's fizzy, funky, and full of life -- just don't call it kombucha! (Los Angeles Delivery only)

Fungtn (Adaptogenic Alcohol-Free Beer)

Premium, alcohol free craft beer traditionally brewed with adaptogenic, functional mushrooms. No, they are not magic and no, your beer won’t taste like mushroom, but they can help keep your mind and body in good form! (United Kingdom Delivery Only)