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Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

So you’re ready to work in psychedelics and are gearing up for that next interview. What are the best ways to prepare? Here are 5 helpful tips to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and standing out above the pack.

1. Be a White Guy

There’s nothing psychedelic companies like more than hiring white guys. “It’s the first thing we notice,” said Phil O’Cyben, CEO of MindPsych. “White people have the extremely unfair advantage of being able to publicly advocate for controlled substances without serious fear of imprisonment, so we can’t get enough of ’em.” (Serious Note: Empathic Health is always seeking to better diversify the perspectives of our team and community. Please reach out to if you or someone you know is interested in joining us.)

2. Say "Regenerative". A LOT.

If it’s not front and center, you may be facing an uphill battle. “We don’t even look at resumes that say regenerative less than 10 times,” notes O’Cyben. “That’s pretty much common practice for the industry. Look at PsychMind, MedPsych, MindDelic, CybinMind, DelicDelic, CybinDelic, PsiloMind…all of the top psychedelic companies in the space understand the importance of saying regenerative a lot.”

3. Start Patenting Things

Doesn’t matter what it is. Just start doing it. See a lamp? patent it. That cute dog you just walked by? Patented. It could even be something as simple as mood lighting, soft furniture, subdued colors and a good sound system. If you don’t have a few patents under your belt, you’ll be behind your fellow interviewees.

4. Talk About How Big a Dose You Take

People who have been around psychedelics absolutely love to hear you talk about how big of a dose you take. “It just shows your better than everyone else,” quipped DelicMed CEO Phun Gui. “When I go to an integration circle, and I hear someone bragging about how many grams of mushrooms they took for their hero dose instead of trying to learn from the lessons of the experience itself, I know I want that guy in my board room.”ย 

5. Reach out to Us

We’re always looking to grow our team with like-minded individuals who believe in a healthy practice of psychedelics as the foundation for an intentional life! Check us out at or send me an email directly at